Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning

Project-based Learning (PBL) is an approach to learning focusing on solving a problem by developing a product or creation. “Making” creates evidence of learning.

What is a project?

As defined by educators:

Students’ in-depth investigations of various curricular topics which involve solving a problem through the creation of an artifact.

Why do students need PBL?

  • They are entering an increasingly globalized world.
  • They must be good collaborators and communicators.
  • Their work environment requires students to be responsible and good self-managers.
  • They need to have good teamwork skills.

The value of Project Based Learning:

  • Students learn content as well or better using PBL than with traditional instruction.
  • Students remember what they have learned longer and are better able to use what they have learned.
  • Project Based Learning accommodates students with varying learning styles.
  •  Projects can be short (a class period) or long (weeks)