To create the best, most effective, and most current STEM experiences possible, Blaze Education works closely with the colleges and companies that are shaping the future of technology and the educators who are shaping the minds of today's students.

Through this unified and ongoing collaboration we are able to identify the most important technologies and skills students will need and quickly design and deliver the necessary curriculum, training, and learning environments that keep schools, teachers, and students at the forefront of the digital age. 

The Blaze Education leadership team brings together a wealth of experience in technology, business, and education. Working closely with partners, clients, educators, and community leaders worldwide, Blaze is committed to creating a generation empowered with a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and a lifelong love of learning. 




Being a global citizen and a parent, Diane Li is the visionary and the force behind Blaze Education.

Over the last two decades she has led large-scale global initiatives at the intersection of technology and business in major corporations such as Microsoft, Chinasoft, and Beyondsoft.

As the CEO of Blaze Education she is responsible for strategy, planning, and international partnerships. 


Terrie Rust.png



Terrie Rust is an award-winning educator and author known for her global STEM leadership and expertise.

Honors include, Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, Distinguished Technology Educator, and ITEEA's Program Excellence Award. 

As Blaze's Director of Curriculum, Terrie designs integrated STEM education systems and oversees program research.  



Chauncey Bell

Business Designer

Chauncey Bell is a business architect with experience managing major change initiatives for companies such as GM, CEMEX, and IBM resulting in hundreds of million of dollars in savings and billions in growth. 

As a recognized leader in organizational design he has been awarded a half-dozen software patents and writes on the subjects of design, innovation, performance, and business systems.

Chauncey is responsible for Blaze's long-term corporate strategy and growth planning.