Based in Seattle, Washington, the Blaze Education Lab creates integrated STEM learning ecosystems that dynamically weaves together classroom design, hands-on hardware and software experience, self-directed learning modules, and globally connected collaborative classrooms. 

All Blaze Education Systems are customized to the needs of each school and its students and come with full classroom setup and in-depth teacher training. 

Our student-centric methodology is built on four fundamental pillars: 


Adaptive Self-Directed Learning: Project- and inquiry-based learning modules that build core STEM skills while encouraging deep exploration, real-world innovation, and a love of learning. 


Comprehensive Learning Experiences: Blaze is more than just outstanding curriculum. We create comprehensive, integrated STEM learning systems including customized lesson plans, equipment installation and training, online teacher/student interface, and access to our extensive network of top STEM educators.


21st Century Skill Building: Along with a strong STEM foundation, Blaze Systems are designed to foster important skills for 21st Century life and work including communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. 



Blaze Education Network: The Blaze Education Network gives students and teachers access to our large and growing community of STEM educators, industry professionals, mentors, coaches, and trainers. With the Network, members can share ideas and best practices and get expert support for curriculum and projects.